Sales plot for industrial base

Total area: land, 200 hectares.
Purpose: services for industrial and transportation and logistics industry.

"Damu-KHORGOS": the master plan

Location: Alm. region, Panfilov district, Pedzhimsky sd, village Khorgos Proximity to the main railway line Urumchi - Lyanchzhou - Lyanyungan determines its geographic significance.

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Highways: along the path of Western Europe - Western China
Railway line:Art. Altynkol
Distance from the border village: 7 km
territory of the industrial and logistics center is divided into several areas:
  • logistics zone - 51 ha.
  • administrative zone-4 ha
  • technical area - 25 ha
  • industrial zone - 120 ha
Project Objectives:
1. Creating competitive conditions for the passage of goods across the border and the formation of transit, export and import goods through art. "Korgas";
2. Creating the conditions for providing supply chain management from China. The main functions of transport and logistics center

transportation, warehousing, cargo management, cargo handling operations; cargo consolidation, containerization of cargo;

freight forwarding, customs services, insurance, rental of containers; information services;

maintenance and repair of vehicles, accommodations and food services, banking, telecommunications, parking services, security, etc.
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