Sales industrial base

Tula region is one of the most economically developed regions of Russia with a high level of urbanization. Total area: land - 636 hectares. Intended purpose: Agricultural land (being translated into the category of industrial land use)

Master Plan

Sales industrial base

Location: Tula region., Kireyevsk district, Federal Highway M4, 130 km from the city of Tula.

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Highways: a unique position between the tracks M4, M2, M6 and P140, from Moscow and 25 km along the highway Samara - Astrakhan
Railway line: Obolenskaya
Distance from city: from Novomoskovsk 24 km
Total warehouse area of the project: 400,000 sq.m.
Construction: II square. 2012
Phase 1 of the Park:
  • Industrial Park - 100 ha
  • Warehouses - 5 ha
  • Container site - 5 ha
  • rack - 6 ha
warehouse area 50,000 square meters
Industrial Services:
Where to stay in the center of production for the processing of raw materials and semi-assembly of industrial products, software engineering, communication and storage infrastructure

Container site:
Receiving and sending cars, cargo handling, cross-docking

Logistic services:
Storage of goods in a warehouse complex class "A" bonded warehouse, in the areas of customs clearance, documentation, freight forwarding.

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