Plot for industrial base

Damu Almaty Damu Aksenger Damu Kairat

area suitable for storage of petroleum products, construction materials, metal, rare goods, etc.

Total area: 142ga

Purpose: Farm (the change of destination according to the project)
Lots divisible.

Plot for industrial base

Location: Almaty region, Talgar district s.Zhanalyk

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Highways: Almaty Zhetygen, 13km from the road of Western Europe - Western China.

Railway line: Art. Kairat
Distance from city: 21 km
Infrastructure Project:
1.Elektrosnabzhenie (15 MW)
2. Central water supply and sewerage
3. Gas supply in accordance with the state program of gasification of settlements
4. Own wells
5. Telecommunications networks (digital communication, the Internet)
6. Protected Areas (CAT, CCTV)
7. Road and rail sidings
8. Tanks fire
9. Container Management (gantry cranes 30-40 tons)
10. Collection point for rail transport (PPZHT)
11. Parking for cars and trucks, "Euro
15. Administrative and service complex
16. Storage capacity is 72 000 sq.m.

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