Analysis of land market

Property market of Almaty

Modern real estate market is very heterogeneous.
The price of land is determined by the location, a set of communication, existing buildings. Significant influence on the formation of prices price of land that are under development for commercial real estate and high-rise residential construction.
Studied objects classified as commercial real estate: office space, retail space, industrial bases, industrial bases, warehouses. The most commonly offered: offices, retail space and then go after them - industrial base and production facilities, the warehouse proposal has been quite low. Was also highlighted segments of commercial real estate, consisting of land without a special-purpose room with poor acting and the service sector.
Market analysis shows that the current increases the growth of interest from buyers and tenants for office space.
This phenomenon is traditional for the period from August to October, the activity in this segment can be considered permanent. Developers reduced the number of proposals, which resulted in a reduction in supply and the real estate market.
In December compared with November, the number and amount of exposed areas has decreased, due to seasonality, analysts say. The greatest number of sites related to the suburbs of the capital, which is explained by the presence in the suburbs of large plots of land that are used for agriculture.
The largest number of proposals for the sale of land is private residential construction market, followed by the multi-functional land use, land for industrial use. These are lands that are used for construction of various business entities, land for residential multi-storey building, land reserved for agricultural use.
Proposals «selling land for the industrial base» is not included in a separate category because of their small size and are to the point of production use of land.
Land Almaty steadily more expensive and getting more expensive, due to the crisis. If in 2008 the collapse of the value of land, but now there is a trend of rising prices, it's about as land for housing, and for plots intended for the location of commercial facilities.
Average cost of 100 square meters. m land plot intended for high-rise housing is 6378 USD
Cost of land for business development was 5698 cu for a hundred meters, the price level for the construction site was multipurpose 3669 USD hundred square meters for the construction of industrial buildings - 2420 cu hundred meters
Over a hundred KM the purchase of land for individual housing construction had to pay 2315 USD The lowest price for the land was in the agricultural sector - 256 USD hundred meters
In February 2012, the area and the number of plots for sale has increased three-fold compared to January. If you do a comparative analysis of the area, it first goes Bostandyk, followed Medeusky further Auezov, Turksibsky, Zhetysu, Almalinsky closes the list.
Plots that were analyzed, mainly be used for individual and multi-storey residential buildings, country and personal farm.

Problems and prospects of the land market

range of office space, which are rented out, allows you to select the right room, which will satisfy the needs of the tenant. Today office rental does not take a lot of time and in some cases cheaper to purchase the premises. Since it is not necessary to pay for the land.
Requests for the real estate market for industrial construction is, but a significant difference between the expectations of buyers and sellers is not requested to become a bargain. Sellers continue to exhibit areas, and the choice is quite optimal.
Most of the manufacturing companies that are always interested in industrial areas, temporarily suspended their projects. Due to the unstable state of the economy, people can not accurately estimate how much they will be worth the investments made in such form as land for construction of the plant , so we decided to wait for the development of the situation. As soon as you can see exactly where the situation is moving, there will be some of the investors. At the moment, many companies are engaged in investment projects, froze new objects, and active in old, developing and improving their work. The largest owners of facilities such as tank farm, various automotive giant corporations and international manufacturers of products waiting for good offers and can not afford to break in new investment projects.
Many investors continue to monitor the property market to track the price of land, wanting to buy property cheaper. The price of land depends very much on the site itself, whether it be land for production or for housing.
Industrial land is the subject of interest mainly for owners of small industries in the period of severe price declines, as this situation allows them to obtain the desired object on the base price.
Small areas are most in demand. As standard they are acquired either for their own use or for resale. They also play the role of a sufficiently strong subject for bank collateral, which is a positive thing for the owner of the land. But this investment in such enterprises pay off in a few years, making the demand for land for industrial use small.
Recently, investors and landlords compete on product quality. The greatest demand is for sites that are as prepared for the start of construction, which includes acquisition and a permit for the construction, or the agreement to carry out various communications. Interest is and this kind of sites such as business parks, where there are ready-made communication and general infrastructure sites, the size of the territory varies from 0.5 to 1 ha.
Situation for owners of land, which are designed for housing, looms more complicated than the owners of industrial sites. Projects, many developers are frozen, because they can not afford to start new construction, work is continuing actively in those who realize their projects in more than 80%.
In the area of the land market there are a number of issues that need to be addressed: it is the very imperfection adopted land legislation, cadastral valuation of land, taxation and others. Various conferences and meetings on the subject allow skilled in the art, and representatives of various sectors, whose activities are related to the land, to solve the issues raised as quickly and productively.

Outlook logistics park

In fact, industrial and logistics park - a specially created organization that provides services to deploy in its territory various industries and businesses. It provides the most favorable conditions for the construction of warehouses, industrial bases and other facilities.
Industrial and Logistics Park has defined infrastructure, energy and necessary for the operation of administrative and legal conditions.
Businesses that have areas in industrial and logistics of the park, linked value chain, divide the joint fleet and infrastructure services provided by the management company.
Logistics park owned industrial land, specialized objects of capital construction, engineering infrastructure under certain legal conditions. Also next to it is the markets and human resources, there are financial partners, there are several modes of transport - consequently accessibility, provided abundant energy resources, a simplified procedure for residents through the different procedures, social and housing network located in the geographic availability, provide an opportunity to expand and/or changes in production and more.
Logistics park are now beginning to develop, because there is a huge domestic demand for their services. The problem is the lack of investment, as the construction and development of parks needs to attract substantial funds.
The idea of the industrial and logistics companies is to create a common working environment for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Providing modern warehouses and new facilities to help meet the requirements of today, quality of works will create a harmonious working environment, which will be attractive to tenants.
Organizations that are part of the industrial and logistics park, are able to focus their energy on their core business, saving resources that went to certain services.
industrial base for sale in Almaty offers a modern company «Invest Capital Realty», having a zone in Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Horgos and Tula. These regions have all the necessary resources to provide high-quality range of services for industrial and logistical. The company, which is necessary to place a warehouse, production and office under one roof, should appeal to such a proposal, as it allows you to optimize business processes, reduce costs, and efficiently control and manage the business. Also reducing costs through more efficient organization of the processes of production, storage and transportation of products.
Experts in the field of industrial and real estate tend to think of the prospects of construction and development of industrial and logistics parks positive. The reason for the gradual growth of interest in this type of property is that it actively developing domestic and foreign companies have a need in the immediate vicinity of the leased premises and places where skilled manpower for their industries.

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