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Industrial and logistics parks DAMU

Today, Kazakhstan is the leader among the CIS countries in economic, as well as in industrial and logistics field.

Each year, consumer markets are growing and gaining momentum, allowing further expansion of the companies entering the global market and also are interested in the world producers.

Today's consumers demand from the logistics market quality of services, as companies want to minimize their problems with shipping and prefer to logistics operator took these concerns to yourself.

main priority of development of Kazakhstan today is the development of industrial zones, in which manufacturers could locate their facilities and take full advantage of a number of advantages.

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That infrastructure component should be the determining factor in the success of the project.

The company's mission «Invest Capital Realty» is the provision of industrial sites in the wholesale distribution of industrial logistics parks in several regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in the Russian Federation in the Tula region.

«Invest Capital Realty» provides the main factors for the full potential of the transcontinental corridor - is the creation of uniform standards for all transit cargo and logistics infrastructure development

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